A Must know before you buy Japanese Version of iPhones.

iPhone X


So what is the difference between Japanese iPhone and iPhones sold outside of Japan?

Do you know the difference between the Japanese version of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhones sold outside of Japan?

The most important difference is the SHUTTER SOUND can’t be TURNED OFF!! Yikes!

Yes the awful and that hideous sound of a loud electric shutter sound cannot be turned off because of malicious Japanese law which prohibits Smartphones sold in Japan to have without them.

So the shutter sound cannot be turned off with a Silent switch on the side, of course all the sound except for the shutter sound are not to be heard when the iPhone is on silent mode.

What kind of silent mode is that? I must say.

Beware tourists! Japan iPhones are SIM Free with a VERY LOUD SHUTTER NOISE which can’t be turned off!


We see a lot of tourists now compared to 2011 when we experienced a disastrous earthquake. We must thank each and everyone of you who came to visit our beautiful country which has so much to offer.

I must say Japan is one of the safest and most comfortable country to visit in the whole world and I am very proud to present to you the courtesy and hospitalities which our countrymen have towards foreigners.

So beware to tourist who love iPhones and iPads and want to buy them at Apple Stores in Tokyo (there are three beautiful stores in town) you must understand the Japanese iPhones are SIM free and are able to be used with any nano SIMS available all over the world, but hey, you are stuck with a NOISY iPhone which to me is almost a defective iPhone 🙁

Why the Shutter sound? How do we deal with it?

Well there is this most absurd law about protecting people from taking photos without consent, voyeur (never used this word ever before) or peeping.

So because some degenerate morons take pics with their smartphones of girls and peeping photos to satisfy their erotic fantasies, we Japanese must obey the law and are forced to use and are stuck with defected iPhones…. how peaceful and comforting!!!

It is such a pity we have such ridiculous law which ruins the beauty and perfection the iPhones and iPads can offer to us. I strongly object to the government which basically DO NOT SERVE US, and we are not even so close to have a real democracy but a socialist country just like the one we are experiencing recently with launching missiles. You know who (just too crazy to even mention the name)

Please buy non-Japanese iPhones

My best advice is you should buy your iPhones elsewhere but if you are in Japan for few days to a week, there are few ways you can put hand on to so-called “International iPhone.” Here is how.

Go to Amazon.co.jp, Japanese Amazon web store and do the usual iPhone search and find a store who sells International Version

the following are the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus US VERSION

More iPhone7 series are available at reasonable prices

Check the iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus and iPhone SE all US Versions which are quite reasonable now.

Used and second hand iPhones are also abundant in Stock

Japan is know for having USED STORES in major cities. You would be able to find very clean and very beautiful used iPhones at “Janpara” very famous used gadget stores.

There are many Janpara Stores in Tokyo and all the major cities like Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo.

Check out the webstore and on the right hand corner of the webpage, there is a translating button to push and you can use English, Korean and Chinese.

Hope you have a great time shopping!

All the stores have tax free forms to fill out so you can get your favorite iPhones even at lower prices!!!














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